The first SELF STORAGE in Lithuania! How it works?

We are the first self-storage system company in Lithuania –

We provide services both to private and business clients, storing items and belongings in the specially adapted and well protected premises, access to which has only the owner of the items. Self-storage systems are already operating in many countries worldwide, therefore we are pleased to be the first to present this model of storage in Lithuania.



Our aim is that by storing items with us you would feel equally comfortable, like keeping them at home.



To be a reliable, safe, easily accessible storage center, which relieases space in the house and provides more room to live.



  • Security and warranty
  • Professional service
  • Flexibility
  • Responsibility
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Lack of space at home? Secure your goods with us!


Alison Finn

I had a great storage experience here – smooth and with no hidden fees. Building is very clean and it is on a secure location. Thank you for the support!

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