The first SELF STORAGE in Lithuania! Kaip tai viekia?
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The first specialized fur storage center in Lithuania – “DAIKTAMS.LT”


The first specialized center in Lithuania for the storage of fur items, has just opened in Vilnius. Built to comply with the highest, contemporary standards for the maintenance of fur and other clothing, the facility offers high quality, yet very affordable protection for your valuable furs, clothing and accessories.



  • Strict temperature control: a consistent low temperature and optimal humidity are maintained.
  • A state-of-the-art analytical monitoring system to ensure 24/7 protection. The security of your valuable possessions is our highest priority.
  • Chemical wiping will be done before fur storage.
  • You items are fully protected by insurance.
  • We provide spacious rooms for storing your clothing items.


  In order to maintain the freshness and longevity of your fur, we ensure that optimal conditions are maintained. Furs that are kept at home often lose their shape, acquire an unpleasant odor, and can attract unwanted parasites. When the cold season is over, it is important to store your furs in an an environment that ensures they will remain in “good as new” condition for decades.

The service is very inexpensive – only €10 per month. Here at we are very excited about our newest storage service! To celebrate our opening – the first 50 clients will receive free storage for six months.

Daiktams – YOUR storage expert!


For more information:

Tel. Nr.: 8 610 11106