The first SELF STORAGE in Lithuania! How it works?

At “” you will not overpay for the unused space, choose the room, that fits you the best. In case of changed needs, you will be allowed to change size of the room. Price for the smallest storage room is 21 Eur/month.

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1 m2
10 boxes
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Car with trailer
3 m2
54 boxes
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Studio / one-room apartment
4.5 m2
80 boxes
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Two-room apartment
7 m2
120 boxes
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Three-room apartment
9 m2
148 boxes
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12 m2
210 boxes
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New service “Storage”

Lowest storage unit price – 11 Eur/month

Car trunk
1 m3
3 boxes
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Car trank and roof box
1.5 m3
5 boxes
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Tips on how to save floor space:

  • Think vertically – load items up to the ceiling
  • Consider the scheme – the order in which you plan to lay items
  • Make the most of the area – dismatle all the furniture and you will save the space
  • Bundle – use the space of the cabinet or refrigerator, put your items into the stored refrigerator to save space

Lack of space at home? Secure your goods with us!


Alison Finn

I had a great storage experience here – smooth and with no hidden fees. Building is very clean and it is on a secure location. Thank you for the support!

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